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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Black Hills Views

As promised, I am delivering a few of the photos from our jaunt out to the Black Hills on the other side of South Dakota last weekend.  That's out west...long about the middle of the state when you cross the Missouri River, it really feels like you're in the west.  The Missouri River runs east to west on the eastern side of the state where we live, and then about halfway across turns north and bisects the state. We actually live right on the Missouri River which, in this part of the state, forms the border with Nebraska. "East river" is generally flat, though sometimes rolling, farmland and "west river" is much different with wide open range, badlands and then mountains that contain amazing rock outcroppings. I'm posting just a few photos from the trip--thought you might like to see our friends, the buffalo and the wild burro (who doesn't appear to be quite so wild as he is curious) that we met in Custer State Park.  The scenic views are also taken in Custer State Park, one along what is known as the Needles Highway and the other at Sylvan Lake.  Haven't even downloaded a fraction of the photos my husband took, but I'm anxious to get to the pictures of the amazing patterns on the aspen bark that has inspired a whole new body of work.  Those aspens are just so beautiful!

Have a great weekend and I'll be back Monday for A Walk Through The Universe!


  1. Beautiful! Was there a bison crossing sign?

  2. I think there are quite a few signs throughout the park that caution against approaching the bison, as they can be dangerous if provoked.
    You seen them quite often throughout the park, not always in such close proximity though! Thanks for your comment, Kim!


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