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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Page From The Book of Tattered Fragments

Page From The Book Of Tattered Fragments

I've been so busy lately on this computer that somehow the days have gotten skewed.  It seems as if an artist should be spend the bulk of his or her time in the studio engaged in the creative process, but somehow lately, I find that perhaps 3/4 of the day is spent here at the computer, juggling all the sites I'm trying to keep up with.  I think it's been a subtle shift, as more and more time has been spent each day here at my desk, even as I try to get back into the studio.  The other day I realized how very little time I was actually in the studio in any given day and now I'm trying to figure out how to get things realigned.  We won't even talk about not having time to read a book!  I am happiest when there is a delicate balance to my days...time in the studio, reading, banjo practice, blog reading and writing and other computer tasks, a bit of fresh air, good healthy food and a nice glass of wine....not to mention relaxed, quality time with my dear husband!  Hard to pull that off...and I don't even have children....hats off to those of you who do all these things and raise your children too! 

So, having said all that, for whatever it's worth, I also just want to say that I sure do love making these book pages and would like to focus on them entirely, but feel I should keep my shop balanced with a variety of work. And what can I say about the delicate color and patina that a used teabag imparts laying softly against a bit of cream colored Japanese paper....so wonderful.  I've got three new ones just starting, so I'm headed off to the studio for a bit!

Hope your week is going well.  Big midwestern storm passsing through and we've had constant wind for days, it seems, with 50 mile an hour gusts (no snow down this far thankfully!) and whitecaps on the Missouri River.  Winter is just around the corner!  Cheers!


  1. Another simply beautiful piece. The computer is a lovely hook that sucks you in, I try and limit my time there too or you just never leave.
    Glad you fared well in the storm, couldn't believe the waves on the great lakes, will weather ahead. xox Corrine

  2. Lovely piece, Patti. The fun you are having with these pages shows in the results! Balancing time...yeh, soon as I figure that one out, I'll let you know, but here I sit in front of the computer instead of at the studio, so...I do hope you get things realigned. It's good to recognize when it happens, and try to exert some subtle pressure of your own in the opposite direction, but don't be too hard on yourself hoping to log an ideal number of hours at this or that. It all comes together in the end as part of the creative pursuit. Me, I'm taking a day off. Really. Finally. I finished "Ocean Sea" - charming book, thanks for the rec! - and have started another, which will probably be left half-read for three weeks until my next day off! For now, my couch and I are becoming re-acquainted. Back at it tomorrow, refreshed and renewed.

  3. That's a really beautiful piece. I've been doing quite the opposite lately, spending almost no time online promoting anything. I guess things just come in waves. :)

  4. Gabriella...good for you, giving yourself a day off! I'm headed off for an evening in the studio, so that should be nice! Glad you enjoyed Ocean Sea...I have it, but haven't read it yet. I read Silk, which was much different. Keep up the great work and enjoy that couch!

  5. Corrine, glad you like this new piece! Always a balancing act, isn't it? It's not that I am frittering away my time on the computer, just that there aren't enough hours in the day...or so it seems! Thanks for your comment!

  6. Kelsey...nice to see you and thank you for your comment as well! I'm sorry to hear about your continuing job woes, but it seems you have a great bounce-back attitude, so I'm sure that helps...along with your blog and your lovely little animal friends! Best wishes to you!

  7. Hi Patti - glad you weathered the storm OK; we even heard about it over here! I love these pieces and think they are so 'you'. It's an interesting challenge to then try to keep the balance in the shop; so that other pieces of 'you' get a chance to shine as well -even tho these pieces call loudly to you. I agree re the computer/blog/promotion versus studio time dilemma as well - it's a circle that says 'no point doing art if you don't promote it; you can't promote it if you haven't done it' kind of thing. The eternal quest for balance continues...
    PS I appreciate that in amongst it all you take the time to visit and comment over at my blog

  8. Thank so much Fiona....and just want to make sure everyone knows how much I appreciate all the blogs I visit, including yours! Your work means a lot to me and I look forward to seeing your posts! Still on the eternal quest for balance...but aren't we all, as we strive to stay upright on a planet spinning through space! Best to you!

  9. These pages are the pieces that I love the most. Speaking about balance ..... the scales tip in the direction of too much computer time and then I feel every ounce of energy drain away. Time to make more effort!

  10. Robyn, so glad you like these book pages...as you can see I do too...they are at a scale I can intimately relate to and of course, they speak to the book, a vehicle for vastness and intimacy! Of course, your readers relish the time you must have to spend on the computer to produce those fabulous posts, but making your own work is also an imperative...here's to the contined balancing act!

  11. Patti...i can completely relate... the 'gone fishing' sign on the blog has helped me focus at a time when I needed all the energy in the studio and on another project coming up.
    People are very accepting and the messages were encouraging when I said I was dropping out for a bit... although I did leave a little post last night and it felt so good... as it was after a lot of progress elsewhere!
    The pages here are wonderful...I would love to step into your studio...
    have a great week!
    Balance is a hard one to achieve in the one direction...for me it seems to come from taking quiet time after a busy time...not a daily thing I can achieve but an overall thing I can attempt if you know what mean!

  12. Hi Sophie...did see your need for some down time and was surprised to see your recent post too! Hope you get the time you need. Stepping back and having an overall balance in life, even if not on a daily basis, is a good way to structure things! All of this new online shop, blogging, social networking must have brought my compulsive nature out into the sunshine! Trying to allow time for some spur-of-the-moment ideas and activities like the beautiful trip we just took out to an orchard to buy fresh apples and apple pie...the landscape at sunset is spectacular! Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great week too!


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