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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Page From The Book of Tiny Houses

Mid-week greetings!  First, I must apologize for all the on-again, off-again business with the photos for these Walk In The Universe posts the last couple of weeks.  I can't explain the problem of their disappearance, nor can I explain their inexplicable reappearance!  With the post from this week, each time I tried to get the photos back on the blogs, my last paragraph disappeared, so depending on when you read the post, you got version no.1, 2, or 3!  I think I figured it out now and hope the photos of Peter Brown's will stay put.  I also figured that the post of work by Fiona Dempster from the previous week would have gone AWOL again,  and sure enough when I checked this morning, they'd gone missing and who knows how long they'd been wandering around, floating freely in the ether.  I tried what I thought was my sure fix and couldn't make it work.  Just now, I had another brainstorm and went to get the photos back on the post and there they were, as if they'd never gone off wandering on their own!  Is this some plot to drive me, barely able to navigate this technology anyway, completely off my rocker!?!  On to something more interesting than wayward posts....I hope!

After several false starts, mishaps and fatal errors (for the artwork anyway), I was able to call another piece finished yesterday!  I'm trying to stay focused on these book pages, whatever strange form they want to take...and see where it goes.  So, introducing a Page From The Book Of Tiny Houses.
It's pencil and ink on two pieces of Japanese paper dipped in beeswax and held together by the strip of lace-paper sewn to either side.  In the middle are two parts of a drawing on a teabag dipped in beeswax that are sewn on.  You can see in the second photo how yummy and translucent the paper is once it's been dipped in beeswax!  I'd better not push my luck, but adding anything more to this post!  Have a lovely day and enjoy the season (fall or spring!) wherever you are.  Once more, thanks to all the followers and other bloggers out there for giving me such inspiration on a daily basis!


  1. This is lovely, Patti - I like that you can see the texture and luminosity in the second photo - or at least I think there were two photos? My sympathies on your battles with Blogger. Don't feel too bad - it's not you, really. My last post took twice as long as usual to publish because inexplicably, my photos kept loading SIDEWAYS. Best to you...

  2. Thank you, Gabriella...and yes, there were two photos, no more, no less and apparently, (shock!) there are still two photos! I think if mine had showed up sideways, I'd have really gone off the deep end! Anyway, pleased that you like this latest piece!

  3. I just found your work through Sophie Munns blog and it is astounding, I love it- your tea bag embroidered pieces are grand.

  4. Thank you so much! I'm happy you found me and so pleased to hear you love the work...it's always good to have such confirmation!

  5. The book of tiny houses looks and sounds delightful. As for photographs on blogger, I've also been having strange happenings. There never used to be problems getting photos into sequence but now it's a real battle.

  6. Robyn, thank you for the kind words! And alas, I guess they couldn't leave well enough alone at Blogger. I agree, I never used to have any problems with photos and now there is nothing but trouble! Maybe things will improve!


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