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Saturday, October 9, 2010

From the Book of Blue

Just after I pretty much ruined a morning's work on another piece, by messing up the blue ink (the piece has now been painted over a multitude of times  and is in the recovery phase!), I decide to fold another sheet into one of the pseudo book pages that I am so fond of making.  This time the blue ink decided to behave itself and followed in step nicely, one dot after another carefully bleeding, just so, into the Japanese paper.  It's been dipped in beeswax, which makes the whole thing beautifully translucent. This looks like some sort of text that needs a bit of translation or decoding.  I'm calling it a page from The Book of Blue.

I hope you're having a fine weekend!  See you on Monday with A Walk in the Universe post on "Place"...until then, enjoy your inner and outer life, one moment at a time!


  1. I love the rhythm of this piece. I also love the phrase "recovery phase." I might have to use that myself.

  2. Well, Kim, I have to admit that even after painting it over a few times...including covering the stitching in paint...I was ready to toss it. When I showed my husband my day's efforts, he saw possibilities and said to just keep going on it. I suppose I had to be willing to let go of what I wanted it to be in order to see the little piece have a different life...so I relegated it to the infirmary rather than the morgue. I guess there is a lesson in everything! Thanks for your comment!

  3. ooh Patti - I am loving this piece as well! It's so rich and gorgeous and has so many hidden things. Delicious! Sometimes we do have to let go of our intentions for a piece and let it become what it is. Go well

  4. Thank you so much Fiona! Sometimes it's the simplest thing...the magic of a dot of ink bleeding into paper...so lovely to watch!


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