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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Meeting of the Minds, or The Observer and The Observed

So, night after night I find myself in these 3:00 a.m. meetings at a conference table with all my various selves, going over and over the same topic and trying to resolve the same issue...this blog.  Everyone wants to have a say and everyone has their pet project as the number one priority for the blog.  There are quite a few folks in the room, but after the first couple meetings most of them are now silent and merely watch the main players work out the final details. I can't quite figure out who is in charge of keeping the order in these meetings, but I ask the one who seems to take charge, why in the world we must hold these sessions in the vast darkness of the middle of the night, rather than have them called during the sensible daylight.  I am told in no uncertain terms by the One In Charge that it should be obvious that all these selves are quite busy at their various tasks during the day and the only time that the entire group can be gathered at one time is at 3:00 a.m.  Once again I am interrupted by the One Seeking Balance in Life who is repeating for the umpteenth time that the blog will have posts each day during the work week, with weekends off.  A whine issues forth from those who fear their pet project will be cut from the list.  The One Who Seeks New Knowledge is quite insistent that one day of the week be devoted to her project, which seems to revolve around a kind of trip through the dictionary, taking a word each week whose definition provides the springboard for next week's word.  Oh no, groans the One Seeking Balance and the One Who Only Wants To Make Art in unision.  That's way too involved, they say, and will end up taking over our life like A Walk Through The Universe...a great idea in theory, but it's going to get out of control and take way too much time.  Not so, insists the One Who Seeks New Knowledge, the plan is just to photograph the word and definition right in the dictionary and post it once a week....it'll be fun, she insists, and who knows where it will lead!  Ugh, more groans from the crowd, exactly what everyone is afraid of.  The One Who Only Wants To Make Art stands to command attention, excusing herself, but reminding everyone that really, isn't this blog about the studio practice.  She then delivers an ultimatum that there will definitely be two days of the week devoted to what is happening in the studio.  A snicker and snort from the Lover of Found Text Poetry.  I don't see you down in the studio much these days, says she, as she adopts her well-worn martyred look in an attempt to get out from under her daily ritual.  Not to worry says the One In Charge, it's already been decided your blog is going on hiatus and you will be invited to post a poem once per week on the Missouri Bend Studio blog.  That leaves just two days a week to fight over.  Once more, the One Who Is Passionate About Holding On To The Fleeting Moment wants to have it out with anyone who will keep her from having a day to herself on the blog, but she can't seem to make up her mind about what she wants to do.  She keeps talking about documenting the day, the moment or the hour,  with a simple photograph to be posted once a week on her appointed day.  Everyone wants to know the theme...how does she plan to document this life shared by all in the room.  She refuses to be pinned down and says she'll get back to us by the New Year when the revised schedule goes into effect.  Trying to wrap up the meeting so we can all get some sleep, the One In Charge goes over the preliminary plan.  Two days a week devoted to The One Who Only Wants To Make Art so she can take everyone to the studio and talk about art, mark making and creative practice.  She nods triumphantly, especially when it is announced she gets the bookend days of Monday and Friday...everyone claps...settled.  The Lover of Found Text Poetry volunteers eagerly to take Wednesday....she's just so happy to be able to relax a bit, she'd be willing to take any day of the week.  That leaves the One Who Is Passionate About Holding On To The Fleeting Moment and the One Who Seeks New Knowledge to decide who will take Tuesday and who will take Thursday.  They say they'll sleep on it and get back to the group.  The One Seeking Balance in Life is beginning to relax, knowing that this new schedule might just work out and perhaps she would actually begin to have a say in life. The One Who Loves To Sleep has just come into the room wondering if the meeting is over yet.  Almost replies the One In Charge, but she is interrupted by The Lover of Books who had cast her vote for a regular slot on the blog long ago, but has been obviously outweighed.  She is quiet and unassuming and won't insist on her way, but she makes one more vain attempt to have a voice in the new year. The One Who Seeks New Knowledge has wrongly assumed that her dictionary project will take care of any needs of The Lover of Books.  The One Who Only Wants To Make Art goes to give her support and vows to share some of the time during her two days a week with The Lover of Books, reminding the rest of the group, afterr all The Lover of Books is an important source of inspiration for the One Who Only Wants To Make Art.  The One Who Loves to Sleep looks anxiously at her watch, tapping her foot insistently.  The One In Charge adjourns the meeting.  Oh no....everyone forgot so easily, A Walk In The Universe has just come sauntering back into the room, having stepped out to make a phone call.  There are worried looks all around....no can bear to disappoint her.  The One In Charge calls another meeting for the following night to resolve the final issue....when will we have A Walk In The Universe?  She's kind of new to the group, but she's become pretty important and seems assured that she will not lose her job altogether, but she fears she will be curtailed by quite a bit.

I'm just the Observer and I've taken all the notes for these meetings....I guess I'll be reporting back on how everyone works this all out....I thought we had it resolved, but not quite, it seems! Hope we can all get at least one good night sleep!

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