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Monday, December 27, 2010

A Walk Through The Universe: Week 4

Late December greetings!  Here we are, still on the winding path, with the last post in A Walk Through The Universe for 2010!  I'm happy to continue the contemplation of the vessel with words and images from Louise Thompson, a New Zealand artist. Louise has a delightful etsy shop, Bibliographica, which I came across some time ago. I was struck by the beautiful journals, but also by the jewel-like vessels that contained them, as well as her etheral photographic pieces. Louise has shared a few of her thoughts, along with a few images and relevant links for each. Links for her shop, blog, flickr follow at the end.  

Thoughts on the Vessel

First and foremost, a journal is a place to express. Somewhere safe, to let the mind run free, boundaries only limited to the cover; the imagination paramount.  Open, it is a boundless sky…the universe, a realized dream, a deep vast sea. It respects the scratch of the pen & listens; providing questions & answers.

It is therefore a vessel… a container of thought, a reliquary. It is a mind keeper, protector, friend & mentor.  It is both the ego and the oneness of all things.  Some days it is loved more than others, but always will it be returned to; by a pen in hand.

And after a while, the vessel speaks. It tells stories, shapes futures and opens doors while closing others.

As a child I loved wooden Russian dolls…with their differing sizes, each lived inside the other. At finding the smallest; I grew puzzled, for there was a tiny space inside, but empty… what was I going to put in there? 

Is it our expectation, to fill a void - to make a vessel out it?

When I came across my little trinket boxes and treasure chests, all I saw in them were tiny little journals. This way, each can become the other as much as something in itself.


Thanks so much to Louise who took time out of a very busy season to share her thoughts and work!  Hope you've enjoyed these small gems and can check out the  links provided! See you soon, back on home turf in South Dakota....I have to say the temperatures here in the sunny south aren't all that much higher than up north where I live! 

Best wishes for a Happy New Year!


  1. Another great find! I love blank notebooks, and also small containers, and had not really seen the connection between the two, that both are vessels designed to receive and preserve things that are transformed the second we make the choice to hold onto them in this way. They are both more or less literal manifestations of a more figurative process - that when we choose to receive and preserve something - or someone - in our hearts and minds, that act changes them, and us, equally. Many thanks, Patti!

  2. I do love Louise's work, her creations are just so cool, cheers from New Zealand, Marie

  3. Gabriella...like you, I love the way that Louise connects the small container with the journal...both become vessels for receiving and preserving! Glad you liked this post!

  4. Marie...thanks so much for stopping by and taking time to comment! Yes, Louise's work, as well as her insights are inspiring! Cheers to you all in New Zealand!


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