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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Commonplace Book

I checked out a great book on the four season from the library where I work....A Time For Every Purpose: The Four Seasons in American Culture by Michael Kammen (Univ. of North Carolina Press, 2004)...it's exactly what I've been looking for as a way to gain a wider context for my recent musings about the seasons and our collective connection to time and place.  As I jotted down a quote I was reminded of my practice a few years ago of keeping a commonplace book, which is a sort of a running journal or collection of quotations and passages from books, readings, etc.   This was common practice many centuries ago--it suits my need for making documentation! Here's a portion of a quote I'll share with you from the prologue:

"Consequently, we will be tracing, among other things, not only the persistence of nostalgia but a profound nostalgia for persistence.  In an unpredictable, disorderly world of flux, the seasonal cycle offers reassurance that at least some fundamentals in this life are eternal."....Michael Kammen, A Time for Every Purpose: The Four Seasons in American Culture.


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