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Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Soft Green Unfolding

Spent most of the day in the studio...almost finishing three pieces that have been in the works...didn't quite make it before I needed to stop to get in a little banjo practice.  My husband are I are teaching ourselves to play the banjo (clawhammer style), so I try to get in at least a half an hour of practice every day, although I don't always make it!  In a moment of inspiration, I named my banjo Martina...after Steve Martin, a fabulous self-taught banjo player. My favorite time to practice is in the late afternoon or early evening as the light is glowing against the cottonwood trees in the front of the house.  Late in the winter, that was the time the deer would come through, crunching through the snow, munching on twigs and any brush that could be found.  But now, in the early spring, I watch the nuthatches flitting about and the robins hopping through the yard....and I take note of the cast of soft green appearing on the trees as I watch the spring unfold slowly into summer.  Tomorrow I look forward to getting out in the garden to begin digging around...it's time!

Posted a couple of new pieces on the MissouriBendStudio shop at etsy.com today.  The sample here is Season Cyles: Early Spring, no.9

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