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Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Week's End

Greetings at another week's end!  Today we woke up to a couple inches of snow...I know I'm not alone, as plenty of people woke up to what I hope to be the very, very last snow of the season!  Enough!  This was a busy week and I couldn't figure out how I got so little completed in the studio, given that I'd let go of  much of the blogging features...and then I remembered all the scurrying around I did trying to get the tax information together to take to the accountant.  I'm sure glad that's done and because I was so disorganized this past year, I vowed I wouldn't waste so much time having to reconstruct everything a year from now for 2011 and I came up with a new system for keeping track month by month.  Hope it helps!

Here's what I can show you....with some quickie photos taken on my beat up vintage tables.  I'll be posting these pieces in the shop this weekend with better photographs, but for now here are a couple of new drawings, once of which is a spring meditation piece...I'm sure you'll know which one!

There are two book page pieces almost ready to go also.  Tomorrow we're doing some house cleaning and having some friends over for dinner and then Sunday I have a date with the sewing machine....finally time to get acquainted!  

Hope you have a great weekend....see you Monday!


  1. After the five pounds in sweat lost over pulling together my 2010 taxes, I did the same thing as you, P, setting up better tracking right here and now for 2011! I have a nice black ledger with everything neatly recorded and coded! Let's talk same time next year about whether it actually worked! Oh and I hope you and sewing machine are having a lovely getting-acquainted. Best to you.

  2. Yes G.....let's hope we don't have the tax-time headaches next year! The sewing machine and I are getting along famously! Cheers!


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