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Monday, March 28, 2011

Transition Time....and Just Where Did Spring Go?

Hope you all had a fine weekend and are energized for the coming week.  I spent time in the studio on Sunday finishing up some book pages and playing with the new sewing machine.  I think it's a time of transition, not surprisingly, as I'm kind of plodding through the making of the work these days and I'm learning that I can interpret that in any number of ways.  I like to think it means that a new kind of work is on the way, and as of yet, I'm not sure what it might be.  I keep half-envisioning things that I'd like to see existing in the world, but it's only glimpses I see, as you sometimes do at night in your dreams.  I know that I think through my hands and I just have to bumble along, fiddling here and there until the work announces itself to me.  Now that I have a sewing machine, I'm quite sure it holds some of the secrets to the future work, but it's all so new that I don't have a way to quite envision what's possible yet.  I did manage to successfully thread the thing, get a bobbin wound and sew some rather convincing lines on a piece of cloth....with different stitch lengths!!  For someone so unmechanically inclined as I am, that's pretty good.  I've seen so much inspiring work in the last year, that it's almost getting in the way of my seeing my own path.  Much as I want to explore what other people are doing, I know I have to back away and find the work that is mine to make.  So, that's the task for the coming weeks.  In the meantime, I'll continue to make pieces that involve sewing by hand, because a machine (thank goodness) can't do everything I can do with my own two hands and a few simple tools!

Here are the newest book pages...

Page From The Book Of Gestures
(text reads: a faint smile)

Notes From Home

Page From The Book of Remembering

They are being added to my shop over the next couple of days, so if you'd like to see more views or the descriptions, you can find the information there.  

Has anyone else noticed that Spring seems to be playing a rather good game of hide-and-seek this year? I think we had nicer weather in February!  Transition is one thing, but now I think she is stalling...I'm just so ready for spring!!  See you in a few days...cheers!


  1. It is indeed a time of transition, but I agree with you that it seems to be as stalled as spring weather right now! But just the way we will soon be in high summer wondering what it was about the cold we hated so much, I think we will also soon be very far removed from all this artistic bumbling and fumbling and well on our way to the height of our creative output! Hey, I do have my moments of optimism alongside the gloom...

    Lovely colors in these last pieces, by the way.

  2. Love these pages and the bright yet soft and gentle colours of optimism in the book of gestures. Good to hear you are having fun with the sewing machine, making friends and working things out. It's always a challenge for me to translate what I glimpse or sense or feel about a piece and turn it into reality - some of the magic disappears when I have to think my way thru it. Best wishes...

  3. Gabriella....I always laugh when I think of how we'll all be whining about the heat in a couple month's time! So glad you are feeling so optimistic and that we'll soon be far removed from the artistic bumbling...I look forward to that! Thanks for the uplift!

  4. Fiona....I'm heading down to the studio now....where I'll find out what's to be made of it all! Time to stop "thinking" and just play with making!
    Glad you like the joyful page from the Book of Gestures! Have safe travels!


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