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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Walk In The Universe: Green, Week 1

It's finally March!  I bet you already know (even if you haven't noticed the title of this post) what color we're going to consider throughout the month...GREEN! Time for growth, renewal, gardening, not to mention St. Patrick's Day.  I would be remiss if I didn't choose green for this month.  So, thoughts of working in the garden,  which I actually won't be able to do this month as it really is much too early here, got me daydreaming about those green shoots popping up out of the ground....and the tender green of leaves unfurling on trees.  It will be quite a while before I actually see these things, but now because it's March, I give myself permission to daydream with abandon!  What makes those green leaves green...why chlorophyll of course!!!  A trip to the dictionary can give you the definition of the reaction with light that makes our world turn green, but here's a much more interesting way to see it's chemical composition from a creative etsy seller...in fact tonight's post will be filled with green from a handful of my favorite etsy artists!

And how about those plant cells....what's going on in there anyway?  Check this out....you can wear your botanical illustrations for the world to see...this shop has an array of decidedly different illustrations to wear on your person!

I've long admired the work of the following artists and when I think of green, these are the folks that come to mind.  I hope you love their work as much as I do....introducing Golly Bard, Miles of Light, Ali Hermann and a wonderful shop I recently discovered, Garden22DesignStudios.  Check them out and find more beautiful work that is sure to delight your green-loving senses!

Enjoy thoughts of spring, even if there is still snow under your feet.  For those of you in the midst of summer, perhaps this is just a bit of overkill for you...my apologies if you've seen quite enough green lately!



  1. I admire these artists so much, it is an honor to be included here with them! Yea for spring!! :D

  2. Patti, the very tips of the trees are starting to shimmer with that green haze, the very first signs of spring here in Virginia. Thank you for including my paintings in your green collection!

  3. Cristy and Holly...thanks for your contributions and hope your worlds are slowly turning green as spring arrives. We're a long way from that green haze Holly, but I know exactly what you're talking about!

  4. Green is such a refreshing and revitalizing color! Thanks for sharing this, P. I'll try to think green springtime thoughts, but outside the weather is more like January today!


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