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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Made By Hand: Bridgette Guerzon Mills

Silent Moments, 7"x5", mixed media

"We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the Beautiful Stuff out." ~Ray Bradbury

Currently I am working on a series about bowls, inspired by the following Raymond Carver poem.
Cigarette smoke hanging on
in the living room. The ship's lights
out on the water, dimming. The stars
burning holes in the sky. Becoming ash, yes.
But it's all right, they're supposed to do that.
Those lights we call stars.
Burn for a time and then die.
Me hell-bent. Wishing
it were tomorrow already.
I remember my mother, God love her,
saying, Don't wish for tomorrow.
You're wishing your life away.
Nevertheless, I wish
for tomorrow. In all its finery.
I want sleep to come and go, smoothly. 
Like passing out of the door of one car
into another. And then to wake up!
Find tomorrow in my bedroom. 
I'm more tired now than I can say.
My bowl is empty. But it's my bowl, you see,
and I love it.
-Raymond Carver
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  1. it's always fun to see new stuff.
    thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Great post, Great artist and Great poem!

  3. beautiful words.

    i love seeing the inspiration behind the art, how the ideas can be transformed and interpreted, thank you :)


  4. Nance, Robyn and Krystal...thanks so much for your comments! Bridgette makes beautiful work...glad you enjoyed this post! Cheers!


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