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Friday, March 11, 2011

It's Friday Already!

Another week has come and gone...kind of a whirlwind.  Speaking of wind, spring must be on its way...today temperatures were in the 50s and the winds are still blowing steadyily.  I have a couple new pieces in the shop and just finished dipping some even newer ones, which I'll show you on Monday when they're finished.

These botanical/biological drawings are rather intriguing to me, as I ponder early life forms that weren't quite plant and weren't quite animal...at least I don't think so....clearly my science background is weak, so I'm going to do some investigating.  I'm not interested in copying nature exactly, but using natural forms as a springboard...I've never been one to work directly from "life" as it were, always preferring to make something brand new from my imagination.  And yet....I'm suddenly dying to have a microscope!!! I checked online for kid's microscopes, but almost every review talked about how awful they were and that you really couldn't see anything, not to mention that they broke right away. Don't know how I'll get my hands on a "real" one, but it's on my list of things to pursue.

Also, on my list of things to pursue is a sewing machine...I'm going up to Sioux Falls tomorrow to do some investigating and research.  I certainly don't want to give up stitching by hand, but there are many avenues I'd like to pursue that I can't really get serious about because some of it would really require a sewing machine.  I haven't used a sewing machine since I was in junior high school (I was one of those inept young ladies who ran the needle through my finger!)....watch out!!

Botanical Specimen no.6

This little specimen has a lot of tiny stitching on it, which makes it look kind of lace-like. The found text reads: "found under the roots of the oak tree"....who in the world knows what it is!!!???

I do like this little book page...just so simple...

Page From The Book Of Planting

I know I'm itching to get planting in the garden....hoping the snow and cold weather is over, but around here if you bring up the ideas of spring being right around the corner this early, people are quick to tell you that March is our snowiest month.  I just don't know where they get that....it might snow, but then it warms up right away and disappears, as happened this week. I do hope, however, that we've seen the last of it!  I should have several new pieces to show you on Monday....hoping everyone has a good weekend.  

Welcome to the new followers....all of whom I think came over from Seth Apter's blog...Seth was the highlighted artist yesterday for the Made By Hand feature!



  1. I really like this series, P, so full of life, and recognizable as such, but also a bit fantastical or surreal - the second one reminds me a little of Arshile Gorky! Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Like a leisurely walk through a lovely wood, reading your posts. I will not be mean and tell you our temps today - but will cross my fingers that you can avoid more snow. xokandice :-)

  3. Loving these, Patti! Like you I can't wait to get my hands in the dirt!

  4. I like the nature of your investigations Patti--I think the extension to the microscope and the sewing machine will send you soaring (or, keep your very close to the ground depending on the object at hand!) Great to discover your blog:)

  5. Gabriella...fantastical and surreal is a wonderful compliment! And to be in the same sentence with Arshile Gorky...well, that's quite something too. Thanks so much for all your support and great cheer!

  6. Kandice...so glad this blog is providing something like a walk in the woods...I could use one of those...if only it would warm up again. These intermittent days in the 50s, only to plunge into freezing temperatures is quite the rollercoaster ride! Cheers, dear!

  7. Martha...thanks so much...happy to hear you like them!!

  8. Hannah...thanks for your encouragement. I'm definitely closer to getting the sewing machine after my investigations today...onward and upward...who knows what will unfold! So glad to have you here among the readers and friends!

  9. I know what it is!!! It's BEAUTIFUL!!!

  10. Julie....you are too sweet!!!! Thank you most kindly!!!

  11. The page from the book of planting is too cute! Love the idea and it fits so well with the image...hope you had a warmer weekend...


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