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Friday, March 4, 2011

Notes To Myself

Somehow by the end of the week, I'm just dragging.  It must be from staying up too late and/or getting up too early, along with my inability to slow down.  I don't know about you, but left to my own devices, I'd sleep easily for nine hours, but it averages a bit less than seven hours during the week since we get up early to do yoga before John heads off to classes.  We wouldn't dream of giving it up, but the days are long....and somehow during the last year, since I started this new life,  I seem to have forgotten how to relax.

And you'd think, as a former cataloger, I'd be more organized, but tax-time is looming and I have yet to organize all the million receipts and bits of this and that from last year.  I've gotten as far as making various piles on the floor of my studio.  They will torment me until I take care of them once and for all!

So....I'm here with a new piece and another older piece that has come out of the woodwork, so to speak....I don't know how I keep finding them, but I do.  Often they are pieces that just hang out with me in the studio and I don't even "see" them any more.  This little beeswaxed drawing, done back in Florida, was screaming out at me the other day...."hey, look at me...I'm a spring blossom!!!"  Sure enough...all it needed was to be fitted onto a sheet of handmade paper for support and here she is, Spring Blossom! I'll list this tomorrow in my Etsy shop.

I found myself making another book page and was mid-way through it, moving along as I felt led, before I understood that this piece was called "Notes to Myself" and that it was all about the conflicting messages I send myself...."get new pieces made/relax, you're driving yourself too hard", "time is a'wasting/you have nothing but time", etc. etc.  I think we all make "notes" to ourselves and I think they are often in conflict...no wonder I'm so tired!!!  I just listed this piece in my shop here, so you can read a fuller description and see more detailed views.

I am going to try to force myself to take a break this weekend.  I only hope the weather doesn't get nasty, as is predicted, so we can go on some kind of excursion....anything will do!  Hope spring really is coming your way, because it's taken a detour and is nowhere close to arriving here!!!

Have a fine weekend and we'll see you Monday!


  1. Hi I'm a new follower! I just tried to check out your shop from the about me link and it didn't work. I found it through the link in the welcome part of the blog at the top. Just thought you would like to know!


  2. Sounds like you are working hard - and working hard to listen to all those voices in a respectful way. The eternal quest for balance I guess...
    I hope you have had a relaxing, 'getaway' kind of weekend which recharges, renews, refreshes you.

    This most recent piece is amazing - it conveys everything so beautifully. Go well...

  3. Rosie...welcome! Thanks for letting me know about that link that's not working...I'll do some investigating. Thanks for following this blog...enjoy!

  4. Fiona...thank you for your gentle words and support! I am already in a better frame of mind after a nice long night of sleep! So glad you like that last piece...I think there may be more coming, but who knows! Cheers!

  5. I just love Notes to Myself! It truly does express a perpetually conflicted state of mind! Every month at the New Moon I write up a short list of my intentions for the next four weeks, and review the ones from the previous cycle. One "wish" that seems to appear every month is "achieve a better balance between worktime and downtime, worry and letting go." It seems I am always in search of that formula whereby necessary play (or even anything that falls into that category because it brings no money into the household!) and work-work (or anything, even if it is good for you, that takes energy and is often not much fun)can coexist happily. But I do seem to need to be at least two persons to accomplish this! Have a great weekend, my dear, and do something fun!

  6. Notes to Myself strikes a chord. I love it!Hope you get time out this weekend.

  7. P-the balance of life and creativity can be such a challenge - I like the name of the piece - I need to make lists for myself to remind me that creating has equal airtime to all the other work and bits and pieces in life - art is of equal value and so I need to make a note to myself that periods of time are OK for creating. Thanks for the reminder. B

  8. Gabriella, your practice at the new moon makes a beautiful ritual. If only are energy was a little more renewable...a high-powered battery charger is necessary to keep us doing everything we'd like to do. You let me know if you figure out the formula! Cheers!

  9. Robyn...thank you! And my post from today is a brief weekend report...yes I had time away this weekend...thanks for your warm thoughts!

  10. Barry...yes, don't we have face this same challenge every day. Work and life, art and life....they really are one thing, but often feel as if they diverge. We must always scribble those notes to ourselves as reminders!


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