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Monday, January 10, 2011


Here's what has been slowly building up over the last few days in our neck of the woods...or perhaps I should say...on our bank of the river.  The snow came down lightly, sometimes imperceptibly, for several days and by now it's pretty impressive.  Quiet and still, the perfect time for winter meditation! My cold is a bit better day by day and I found some energy to get into the studio yesterday, where I was relaxed enough to actually make something happen.  No....let's rephrase that.  Here's how it worked.  Going through my little stack of Japanese paper, eventually I relaxed enough to let something happen.  I started out by trying to make something happen, but The Observer part of me is always present in the room and sure enough, I got called on the carpet, so to speak...."you are trying to make the same drawings you've made before...you're just trying to repeat your success"....and moments later "you're now trying too hard not to make the same drawings you've made before...say what there is to say at this very moment with the most elegant means possible"....and that's when the flow began.  But I was definitely much of the way through the paper before I got there.  It's a process, it's always a process.

Once that flow starts, well things do start flowing pretty readily and the desk quickly turns into chaos, as I pull out thread, beads, buttons and then try to find a needle somewhere on the painted surface of that desk.  Here are a couple of quick shots of work in progress....some from the trying too hard stage and some from a point some moments later when I began to listen to The Observer.

It's good to be feeling fairly well again and I'm looking forward to the flow of time in the studio!  Hope your week has started out well!  See you tomorrow for A Walk Through The Universe!


  1. It's all about beginning isn't it? At the moment Tumblr has me firmly in its grip and I can't free myself to get to the studio....
    Well done for persevering. Love what you do!

  2. Robyn....it's one or the other it seems! I want to get back to Tumblr, but can't seem to find the time! You'll get to the studio soon and I'll get back to Tumblr!!! Here's to fitting it all in!!!

  3. P- such quiet beauty in you photo of the chairs etc covered in snow - though I know it must also be cold. Glad to know you and JT are recovering. I'm glad that F and I are able to remind each other that one does not need to take a lot time in the studio - just a little nourishes the spirit? I must say I am impressed with R's tumblr and of course now F is into it - I just have not found the time yet. Go well. B

  4. I loved your description Patti - and the voices! If you don't mind I'll hold onto your thought about "say what there is to say at this very moment with the most elegant means possible" - it sounds like the perfect personal reminder for me as well! Hope you keep getting better...and PS that snow looks so gentle and peaceful

  5. Good to hear your are feeling better. I think every studio has its resident Observer! Glad yours intervenes when necessary - and you have the wisdom to listen. Can't wait to see what results!

  6. Barry and Fiona...are health is nearly back to normal and we are both up and functioning pretty well! Yes, that time in the studio is so necessary for the spirit and always a learning experience as well. You two take care and stay dry!

    G....hope your observer is doing well! Thank goodness for mine...it certainly keeps me in line and on the straight and narrow! Cheers!


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