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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Made By Hand: Johntimothy Pizzuto

"Vestige", mezzotint, etching, screenprint, 2011

"Objects seems like witnesses, silent, unjudging, obdurate witnesses to the lives that go on in front of them, and it is for this reason that myths and fairytales have trees, stones, pictures that talk. 'If these walls could speak,' goes the old chestnut, for the world of ojbects seems to have been holding out on us fabulous and terrible histories that we can only imagine.  Perhaps we imbue objects with associational meaning to bring their otherness back within the fold of the familiar, to make their muteness speak, to associate them with the absences we know rather than those more profound absences we do not. It is not the spiritual but the material world that seems most marvelous and strange: the course of these material histories, of the endlessly recycled elements and the almost immortal objects from clay pots to plastic toys, these stubborn, indecipherable, discreet things whose history of motion without change is no different than that of mutable willfull flesh." 

--Rebecca Solnit, from the introductory essay in Once Removed: Portraits by J. John Priola, Arena Editions, 1998.

Johntimothy is Associate Professor of Printmaking at the University of South Dakota.  His out-of-date, still worth investigating, website can be found here!


  1. Nice feature, P - I went to that out-of-date website and really liked what I saw! So much talent in one household...

    By the way, good to see the images are back (for now) on the White post!

  2. G....on behalf of Johntimothy, thanks for checking out his website....I'm going to edit this post to say it's out of date, but still worth checking out! It was designed by a wonderful student (his first website), but it's so high-end, neither one of us know how to update either of our sites (he did mine too)...alas! Time for new ones....but who has time!

    I started over and saved all the images on the hard-drive and loaded them the old fashioned way (with glue)...so all is well.

    Thanks for your faithful comments!!!

  3. Hi Patti - I really enjoyed my visit over to johntimothy's website and enjoyed pondering the words he chose here. Its wonderful to see the hands of the makers at work!


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