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Monday, January 24, 2011

Life Continues To Spin

Season of Growth

Spiral of Time

Well, time does have a way of moving on....let's say spiraling on, since we don't want to think of it as quite so linear...and sure enough, I finished the four pieces and shipped them off today, along with the last two from the Pearls On A String Series and 4 new little meditation drawings.  I feel good about having gotten everything done and am pretty happy with the work, given my anxiety!  I don't feel so good about the shambles the house is in or the plants that cry for water through parched leaves...and I've surely missed reading my blogs!  But ever so slowly getting caught up and finishing more new pieces for the shop in the midst of it all.  I actually did four new meditation pieces for the show, but they were too big for the little cellophane bags I'd bought, so made some little 3 x 5" meditation drawings, mounted on 5x7" handmade paper, which fit the bags just perfectly!  So now, I'll have four new meditation drawings for the shop!  I'll give you a glimpse of a couple of those on Friday.  Meanwhile, here are the last two new mounted pieces that have gone to the Teeny Tiny Art show at Three Graces Gallery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire...just in case you're in the vicinity.  Time to get back down and clean up the studio once more!  See you soon on your blog or mine!!!  

One last thing....I just want to thank all of you for your wonderful good cheer and support!  It means a great deal...my friends are there and always with keen insight and understanding!  Best wishes to all of you!

Rings of Memory

Love of Language


  1. really really loving your work! Continued success!!!!!!

  2. Hi Patti - absolutely worth every moment of angst! These are delightful works that work together so well, with lots of interesting marks and intrigue. So pleased they are winging their way to their showing - hope it goes really well - congratulations!

  3. Hi Indie grll....thanks so much!!! Wishing you best of success too!

  4. Thank you Fiona! Lots of layers of angst and marks for such tiny objects!
    Wish I could see that show chock-a-block full of small works...what fun!

  5. I knew you'd get it done - not only on time but in style. These are beautiful pieces - I especially love that they exist in a nameless place where the figurative and literal meet, where words and objects share space, and nature becomes pure design while abstract patterns look like living creatures! Good work, my dear!

  6. Beautiful work!! Just beautiful!! :) xx

  7. Glad to hear that you accomplished your mission. Those plants will forgive you.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful artwork with us. Each piece is so graceful and rich. Perhaps I'll take a coffee break in a bit and look over as much of your work as possible in that time.

  8. Gabriella....you have such a fine mind and are able to describe things so well....so glad you're a writer...and a photographer...and a poet...and a craftsperson and so much fun!!! Thanks for your cheerful support!

  9. Kim, thank you! I hope you enjoy looking at the other work too!

  10. congrats patti! and wow, love the new 'spins' :) YOU DID IT!

  11. You've been working hard Patti!
    always lovely to view your compositions ... they are very unique and the surfaces so intriguing.
    good creating!

  12. Paula...thanks so much! Love your new shop...so fun!!!

  13. Sophie...thanks to you too! I am intrigued with layers and surface....that's for sure!


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