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Monday, January 3, 2011

A Year of Elegance

Welcome to 2011!  Welcome to Missouri Bend Studio! I have a new schedule for the year....hope you enjoy it!  For any who didn't see my outline plan posted last week, I'll give a quick recap for the upcomoing weekday posts, which I hope will be fun and interesting for all...including me!

Monday: a visit to Missouri Bend Studio....what's happening...thoughts, images and/or inspiration!

Tuesday: A Walk Through The Universe, a feature which is changing format and focus.  We'll look at a different color throughout the month, changing the lens each week...art, nature, history...who knows!

Wednesday: Word of the Week

Thursday: Made By Hand, a feature that honors the folks that continue the tradition of the handmade object.

Friday: Another visit to Missouri Bend Studio

After a week away from home over the Christmas holiday, it took me most of last week to feel like I was caught up again and now life's usual twists and turns are coming back into play...never a dull moment as they say.  I've had a little time in the studio and have been continuing to make the book pages and some meditation pages.

Winter Meditation No.7

I find that these are the works my hands want to mak, as I strive to pare down to the essentials.
How can I say without speaking....is it possible to communicate beyond language in a way that doesn't require translation? I think my deepest desire is to make work that can't be translated....except as an expression of the unsayable.  The word that keeps coming to mind as I spend time in the studio these days is "elegance" and I suppose it is the word that captures the state to which I aspire...in my life, in my thoughts, in my movements, in my work.  The universe is incredibly vibrant and complex and yet, underneath it all, is there not a profound elegance in everything we cast our eyes upon...in every breath we take? 


  1. Yeh, i think elegance is in everything. Good luck with your new schedule.


  2. A beautiful start to the new year Patti - this is a sweet, refined and elegant piece. I think most/all of your work is elegant - it reflects a fineness (new word) of form, line, colour. I like to think of it as elegant simplicity - something that I too strive for.

    Lovely to gaze upon!

  3. T...nice to hear from you....hope you have a wonderful year!

  4. Fiona...thank you! Your work is very elegant...I'm sure that's why I was drawn to it initially! Cheers!

  5. Simple elegance is one of my ambitions too - but I guess that's the problem right there - to me, that kind of fine work can't be achieved by striving, but seems to appear out of no effort whatsoever, the kind of wise hand that can make a single mark and have it mean both everything and nothing, the perfect essence of the unsayable. I am more of the sweat-and-fret type of maker, always at risk of overexplaining or overworking something for fear of not getting it just right. It takes a lot of instinct, patience and trust to arrive at elegance! Here's to letting go and letting be, beautifully.

  6. Gabriella....yes, you're right, it takes a long, long time to develop the trust that allows you to let go. Maybe it does come more naturally for some people, but I know it took me about twenty years of being an artist before I began to trust my own voice...it's an ongoing process...an always entails a struggle with the "selves"! I bet you will have an amazing year surprising yourself with your own level of trust in the process!

  7. what a lovely goal for the year Patti...and that title...a year of elegance is a delight.
    Mmm... treasuring the handmade object is also such a lovely thing... wishing you abundant blessings for 2011!


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