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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Walk Through The Universe: White, week 1

Welcome to A Walk Through The Universe for 2011!  We are starting anew, on a different day of the week and on an adjacent path....following the larger topic of color throughout the year, looking at a different hue each month.  Week by week, we'll see that color through a changing lens...perhaps art, or history, or nature...it'll be a surprise, even to me, as we saunter along on a path of discovery!  It's winter here in South Dakota, which naturally makes me think of white as the perfect starting point. 

I find myself gathering images of white on white among my etsy favorites, as I am so attracted to the subtle play of "color" that happens in arrangements of various mixes of white.  Here is a selection of some beauties among my favorite items and shops.  It occurred to me, as I began the actual selection process for this post, that I was gathering images of the still life.  I am attracted to these photographs because of the composition, the way the light and shadows dance and for the simple beauty of these forms.  Each is a reflection of history...of the passage of time captured in simple objects...moments distilled.  Each photo has a link to the shop, where you'll find more beautiful pieces...Enjoy!


  1. I'm so happy to see my cups here!
    I'm really drawn to white and natural and simplistic things too and fawn over spaces decorated in that way.
    They're so calming and nice.
    Our house however...well...I'm not there yet :)

  2. Really enjoyed reading this post...honored to be included here..I'd love to read more..thanks:)

  3. I am honored to be included in your lovely blog, thank you! I am also drawn to white and the simple calm that it brings to my space. I have actually ordered a white couch- many think I am insane- and I cannot wait for it to arrive.

  4. Thanks all of you for letting me share your pieces with the readers here! Love these photos!

  5. Lovely calming, soothing images Patti. I think that white on white offers so much for shadows and play; and for letting the 'hidden' things show their quiet beauty. I like the stillness too.

  6. Beautiful collection of images, Patti! I love the simplicity of white too. Makes me think of expanses of unspoiled new snow, or the promise of a blank page or canvas. It seems both that it is perfect and complete as it is, but that it also holds in it limitless possibility. Also, what we were talking about the other day, the elegance of something that doesn't require a lot of detail or bold design to get across its meaning and power. It takes a special talent to pull that off - and a special perception to appreciate it!

  7. Lovely post; fabulous images! Thanks

  8. Thank you all for the wonderful comments....hope they provide a moment or two of calm! And they are elegant, aren't they!?!


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