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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Made By Hand: Barry Smith

One of my favorite sayings is by Lewis Carroll: “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” I think it applies to so many situations in life. I guess it indicates that I am the sort of person who usually wants to have a bit of a plan and purpose in most things I do rather than just try things and see where they go. Yet at the same time other favorite concepts that I try to incorporate into my life are: be mindful, be in the moment and find balance. 

So when it comes to my art I guess, consciously or unconsciously, those four concepts merge to influence what I do.   I mostly start with a product in mind (knowing where I’m going). I don’t often sketch the piece but I have an image in my mind’s eye. I generally find myself creating pieces that have or carry meaning; or attempt to embed energy or messages as I create (mindful). I try not to be rigid in how the piece will end up - if along the way I see a direction I can take or an element that I can add; or I had have discussed options with Fiona about where I might be taking the work I often let that new element in (in the moment). So the final piece often has many of the characteristics of what I envisaged but also those that came with the flow (balance). 

The above probably indicates I am both a hands and head artist. I love the physical aspects of my making - beating, attaching, polishing etc; but I like my work to have the potential not only portray some aspect of beauty but also offer the opportunity for deeper meaning and messages.


  1. I have been lucky to have a Barry Smith hammered peace bowl- he does lovely work.

  2. Great to see artists at work and when I know and like the artist it makes it even more interesting. I love seeing the surrounding countryside in the last photo. What a wonderful view!

  3. Donna, you are most fortunate! Barry's work is just lovely!

  4. Robyn, I love that shot of the piece against the landscape too!

  5. This is a lovely feature on Barry and his work, Patti! I love the pictured piece - when he first showed it on his blog I was amazed at how small it was - it has such a monumental feel to it! Many thanks and best to you.

  6. Looking forward to what you do with the envelopes. Thanks for your comment. Yes, this is a lovely little sculpture.


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