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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Path From Elegance

Had one of those days in the studio when things just aren't in sync.  I think I'm still "trying" to figure out the little square pieces...still trying to look through the mist to what they look like, but can't make them out. I think they are objects...perhaps little books, but I'm not sure.  I've also been working on a scroll and have added more and more layers of drawing on the teabag covered Japanese paper and I fear it just keeps getting worse instead of better.  I think I've veered quite far from my goal of elegance and wandered over to the land of clumsy...in fact, I have a feeling I'm wading knee deep in "clumsy".... so late this afternoon I started two new sheets of paper and began to play in a different way....trying to pull myself back toward the spare and elegant.  Again the photographs are quite appalling, because it's dark and I have only the fluorescent lights...of course, if I knew more about how to use my camera, I'd have something better to show you...but here's a couple of shots of these strange pieces.  I'm not sure quite what to make of them.
text reads: Sometimes I will pretend

text reads: Is there more of this same

Still trying to decode these things...makes me think of herbariums (is that what you call them?), seeds, found text and I don't know what else.  These drawing bits float in the middle of the page on paper dipped in beeswax that is about 8 x 10"....I'll be interested to see how these appear to me tomorrow! 


  1. Your work is just an endless fascination for me Patti.

  2. Hi Patti I am looking at these on my phone and thinking they look delicious! Can't wait to see them on aproper screen,lovely gentle soft. Maybe the little squares just don't want to be rushed! Go well F

  3. Patti, these are just wonderful! I adore the first one especially- the colors, the stitching.... yum!

  4. These look fascinating and they remind me of scientific illustartions. The little squares will tell you what they want to be in their own time.

  5. I agree with Fiona - these look like they have great promise, and may just need a little time to declare themselves fully!

  6. Dear friends....Louise, Fiona, Indie grrrl, Carrie and T/T (Gabriella)...many thanks for these hearty and supportive comments! I didn't dream you'd even be able to tell what these looked like, given the poor photos. I dreamed about these last night...one of those internal "committee meetings" and I "got" the next step....and I got why I made these pieces and why they were necessary! Thanks so much everyone...further report on Friday!

  7. to me they look like maps, especially the top one. i keep going in and staring at it on etsy. trying to decide if i want it as a self-present for my upcoming birthday. i think it's wonderful. and it's so weird to me that i stumbled onto something from the state of my birth when i'm now halfway across the world. that must mean something. somehow.

  8. julochka...they do have a map-like way about them...I thought of that too! So...are you saying you were born here in South Dakota...that would be most interesting?! So glad you find these interesting...that's very encouraging!


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