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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Made By Hand: Velma Bolyard

pulling a sheet of paper

shifu and vellum artists' book

 "the mind that is not baffled is not employed. the impeded stream is the one that sings."   wendell berry

Some favorite links to share, as well as suggestions of other places to visit:

ian stevens (son) http://www.severaltincans.net 

There are many, many websites that are not blogs or are very personal and sporadic or are unrelated to fiber that i also look at, sandy webster, novie trump, melissa j craig, emily martin, nigel peake...


  1. Thank you for sharing her work, it is lovely. I especially am drawn to that yellowish book in the middle.

  2. So great to see Velma here. I am always intrigued by the piles of handmade paper she sometimes features on her blog.

  3. Oh Patti so great to see Velma featured - her work and words are wonderful! F

  4. oh this is very good company to be in! Velma's work seems to be all about metamorphosis...fibre becomes paper, which is sliced, spun and transformed yet again. magic.

  5. Kelcey, Robyn, Fiona, India....thanks so much for your comments! I love the process of making paper....nothing quite like it!!! And yes, India...MAGIC!!


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